How I got started with this venture

I am extremely passionate about electronics and technology. Naturally I went into creating a blog. Then I will be earning a full time income while doing the work that I love.

So I first started out with a wordpress blog. It was free and I was broke. It allowed me to write without spamming with ads to pay. Some of you may think “wow this guy should’ve gotten a job and paid for a proper plan”. I have just gotten started with my Engineering undergraduate degree and where I am from, it is well nigh impossible for a student to get a decently paying part time job and also effectively manage the course load.

This wordpress thing was not working and it became apparent very frequently. They, being a business, cannot give the proper tools required to grow a blog to a freeloader. I had to buy atleast the basic plan and I had no money.

So I needed a way to generate traffic into my blog. Naturally I turned to social media.

How I started using social media to gain the following

I first started out on Twitter. I guess the simplicity of the app appealed to me. So I started building a network of electronics passionate people and was regularly tweeting.

But Twitter, is HUGE. Your tweet just gets yeeted out into the net. No matter what niche you choose, I can bet there are atleast 100 tweets per minute regarding that. This is because Twitter is very, very easy to use.

When I realized I wasn’t getting as much traction as I hoped, I decided to look for alternative ways, Instagram.

I chose Instagram because it had a huge number of daily users, almost half a billion. I hadn’t chosen this path initially because I was lazy to put in the work required to make a post.

So what in Instagram? Memes. As I am currently enrolled in an Electronics degree, I decided to post memes on what I learned in the course. This worked out well because A) almost no one makes memes on electronics and B) I get to apply whatever I learnt. Genius right?

Around this time, I pooled in some birthday money and bought a domain, This one:

4yearelectronics — Electronics, Blog, Science and Technology

Fast forward to the present, I am currently pumping in about 2 memes per day in my Instagram Page

4yearelectronics (@texhgeek) • Instagram photos and videos Gimme a follow!!

And I’m still in the process of porting the blog posts from my wordpress account to my website.

SO thanks a ton for reading!

Stay tuned!!




Hello! I am an Electronics engineering undergraduate and I am building a technology blog and businesses surrounding it. My stories here chronicle that journey..

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Hello! I am an Electronics engineering undergraduate and I am building a technology blog and businesses surrounding it. My stories here chronicle that journey..

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